New City Presbyterian Church | Vision and Values

Vision & Values

Vision & Values

Our Vision:

To see people in every Detroit area zip code made new by the gospel of God’s grace for a life of glorifying God.

Our Values:

Rooted Conviction

New City Presbyterian Church Vision and ValuesJesus commanded his followers in the Great Commission to “teach…everything I have commanded.” Our pursuit for truth and wisdom about the church and world; God and humanity; sin and salvation; and everything else will be found in the scriptures, not in human ideas. This is the claim of Reformed Theology and we stand in this tradition, seeking to renew our minds according to the truth of God’s word and to faithfully proclaim and teach the Scriptures in order to see God’s word take root in the lives of many. We’re also convinced that the central message of the bible is the news of Jesus Christ and him crucified and raised. This is called the gospel. The gospel is the distinctive message of the bible and the distinctive motivation for our lives. The good news of Jesus is the power of God that saves and changes people and places. Therefore, New City is a church with rooted conviction in the Word of God and in the good news of the person and the work of Jesus Christ because there is no real hope, life or transformation apart from it.

Real Conversation

We recognize that the most important relationship a person can have is with God. He has amazingly opened the way for us to have “real conversation” and dialogue with him. This dia- logue is expressed corporately in our gathered services of worship on Sundays. We have a high view of God’s means of grace and our calling as worshippers. We also recognize the centrality of our relationships with one another. Our learning, growing and living is not to be done in isolation but in community. At New City, our desire is for an environment where “real conversation” with each other is a reality as we rejoice and mourn together as sojourners through this life. Our distinctive approach to community life at New City is shaped by our shepherding philosophy of ministry. Through our Shepherding Groups, everyone is shepherded and everyone plays a role in shepherding others. 

Renewing the City

Our rooted conviction in the gospel and our real conversation with each other empowers, prepares and propels us to engage in outward facing ministry that will lead people in our city to bow down by faith to Jesus Christ and to experience his saving love. New City’s distinct focus for renewing the city involves the faithful proclamation of the the gospel in public and private, in preaching and personal evangelism (ministry of the word), justice and mercy (ministry of deed) and planting new churches (ministry of multiplication) in Detroit and throughout the Detroit region. Everything we do, from public worship to private fellowship; from small groups to children’s ministry to service projects in the city is a gospel-centered event with the hope of advancing God’s kingdom.