New City Presbyterian Church’s Vision For Music and Worship Arts


New City’s Vision For Music and Worship Arts:

At New City, we have chosen a world music approach in our services. While we sing in English, the musical vocabulary draws on instruments and styles from around the world. We also draw from the centuries old musical traditions within the Christian Church; in this way, we hope to represent the Church in space and time. Our music anticipates the day when people of every nation, tribe, and language are gathered in complete reconciliation.

Lyrically, we are committed to a rich gospel-centric theology in our worship. The liturgical framework of our services gives us the freedom to explore different styles of music within each section, from the instrumental reflective moments to the congregational call to worship, confession, and communion. The collection of psalms, hymns and original songs that we lift up to the Lord in worship are the fruit of our endeavors toward a multi-cultural and reformed liturgy.

At New City, we have a high view of the arts as a good gift from God; the arts help us explore what it means to be human, and in our liturgy, theologically and musically rich songs and instrumental meditations are modes of praise, thanksgiving, and edification.

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