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The Glorious God of Life

A verse from my sermon passage for this coming Sunday stood out to me in the light of the decision reached this week by New York lawmakers concerning unborn children. “And they glorified God because of me.” (Galatians 1:24). Paul was describing how people were amazed by the power and grace of God to see […]

Loving Every Person In Every Place

The greatest desire for refugees, for those seeking asylum or for those who are not able to return to their homeland, is to be accepted into a new community, a new family, where they can rebuild their lives and have some sense of hope, friendship and identity. One of the signs that they’ve found this […]

Celebrating the Reformation

New City will celebrate our rich theological tradition along with a multitude of other churches throughout the world on October 29th, on what is commonly called “Reformation Sunday.” This tradition celebrates an important point in history when the Holy Spirit was powerfully at work in the visible church to guard the truth of God’s Word […]

Race, the Gospel and New City

Dear New City friends, I know we are all sickened by the recent, evil outbursts of racism in our country. I would like to offer a few thoughts about what this means for us. Let me begin by saying that racism is more, but not less than a cowardly way of looking for significance or […]