Serve the City at New City Presbyterian Church (PCA)

Serve the City


New City is committed to the renewal of our city. This means that we are continually looking for pathways to serve the needs that exist in Royal Oak, Detroit and throughout the Detroit region.

One essential consideration is the basic needs people have for food, water, and clothing. Thousands of families in Detroit go without these basic needs each and every day. Often times, the only meals children receive are from their school lunch.

To address this issue, we have adopted Greenfield Union, a Detroit Public School located at 7 mile and Woodward. We provide food in order to help feed impoverished families in the city. We also serve in the Greenfield Union library and provide tutoring to students.

Together, let us seek the welfare of our city!

GREENFIELD UNION MINISTRYHow can you help? We need to provide specific food items so that we can ensure that each family will receive what is needed for their weekend meals.

  1. GRAB a New City / Greenfield Union Food Bag on Sundays. (Grab a few to give to friends or neighbors so they can participate, too!)
  2. COLLECT the amount of food that you are able.
  3. BRING the food items you’ve collected to the Royal Oak Middle School on the 3rd Friday of the month during our Youth Night at 6pm.
  4. GATHER on the 3rd Friday (6pm) to pack bags together. All are welcome to join!
  5. DELIVER the packed bags to the school.
  6. CONTACT Matt Luchenbill to get involved in our library and tutoring ministry at

The Detroit Project

The Detroit Project exists to be a catalyst for a church planting movement throughout the Detroit region. We envision a movement comprised of churches working together to establish worshiping communities in every neighborhood of Metro-Detroit. In these communities, renewal will be experienced at every level – personally, spiritually, socially, and culturally. We envision a renewal that is rooted in the truth of God’s word and motivated by the gospel that moves people into a life of love for God and their neighbors. In short, we envision a network of churches where rooted conviction, real conversation, and renewing the city is the reality.

The People

More than 4 million people live in the Detroit region and it is among the top 10 most populous urban areas in the United States.

It is the largest metro area on any international border in the world and is home to more than 100 ethnic groups representing over 1,000,000 people. Metro-Detroit has the largest concentration of Muslims outside of the Middle East.

The Detroit Project exists to serve these 4,000,000 people by planting churches in strategic epicenters throughout the region devoted to the gospel and to its proclamation in both word and deed.

Motown and The Motor City are two of Detroit’s better-known nicknames (so named, of course, because of Detroit’s history as the auto capitol of the world.) However, because of its innovative instincts and forward thinking, Detroit has also been dubbed the “Renaissance City”. In view of recent struggles, many Detroiters wonder if their city will ever return to its former glory. Manifold strategies abound when the subject of Detroit’s re-birth arises. There is no confusion, however, about the deepest kind of renaissance that is needed throughout the Detroit region. The most glaring need is a spiritual one. The Detroit Project recognizes this need and embraces the reality that the only answer is the gospel of Jesus Christ. Therefore, we are committed to planting churches devoted to the gospel and to its proclamation in both word and deed.

The Plan

The Detroit Project’s first church plant (New City Presbyterian Church) was planted in 2012 in Royal Oak, Michigan. Royal Oak was seen as a strategic epicenter that would lead the way toward planting many more churches in the city and throughout the entire region. In fact, the stated vision called for New City Royal Oak to establish itself as a church committed to serving as the “catalyst for a gospel movement that will plant 10 new congregations in Detroit and Metro-Detroit by the year 2030.”

Royal Oak was the site of the first plant for several reasons:

People: The passion behind the Detroit Project is a passion for people. After extensive research prior to launching our first church we discovered the 7 mile radius around Royal Oak was the most densely populated area with the least number of evangelical and reformed churches.

Place: Royal Oak is not only geographically central, but has the opportunity to be a place that bridges the wide cultural and socio-economic divide that exists in Detroit. Located only a couple miles north of some of the most struggling Detroit neighborhoods and only a few miles south of some of Metro-Detroit’s wealthiest suburbs, our desire is to see a church that is racially, politically, socially, and economically diverse while also committed to the birth of new church plants in all of these surrounding areas.

In 2013, within one year of being planted, New City Royal Oak began putting plans in place for the next church plant. Ryan McVicar, the church planting pastor of New City PCA, asked Dan and Laura Millward to consider moving to Detroit to serve as the next church planter. Sensing God’s call, the Millwards moved from Traverse City, Michigan to Detroit. Knowing the kind of sacrifice and generosity needed to plant a church at this young stage, New City asked many of its members to consider helping with the next church plant. Within a year, New City sent more than 20 people, shared our staff and leaders for whatever needs existed, and gave significant financial support toward the planting of Redeemer PCA in Detroit.

Moving forward, our plan is to continue this pattern of locating strategic epicenters throughout the Detroit area and to give sacrificially of our resources and people toward the establishment of healthy churches that will bear witness to Christ among the 4,000,000 people who call Detroit their home.

The Partnership

The Detroit Project is seeking partners. We trust that God will provide the resources and people necessary for this initiative, and we would like to ask you to prayerfully consider partnering with us.

Initially, here are three ways you might be able to serve the Detroit Project:


If you live in the Detroit region, consider partnering with us to help shape and build this mission from ground level. Contact Ryan McVicar for more information about being a part of New City and the Detroit Project. Ryan serves as the Director of the Detroit Project and can be reached at or 248 808 2523.


“Unless the LORD builds the house, its builders labor in vain.”
This Psalm brings us to our knees with the realization that we’re doomed to failure unless God displays His power in establishing this church. We are fully persuaded that this church planting initiative is from the Lord, and that He is at work preparing the soil for a fruitful work. Many have faithfully prayed that the gospel would take root in Detroit, and it’s evident that God is at work in answering these prayers. However, we are also persuaded by scripture of our continued need to rely upon God and seek out faithful partners in prayer. Please consider partnering with us in prayer by joining us in laying specific requests before the Lord and trusting Him to act according to His will. If you would like to take part in this ministry of prayer, subscribe to our newsletter at


Our goal is to raise the needed funds from other churches and individuals to continue planting new churches, while trusting God to gather people into these churches who will support the church through their generous giving in the years ahead. To give online, please click here.