Sundays at New City Presbyterian Church Royal Oak


Sundays at New City

We’re delighted you’re considering joining us on Sunday for our gathered service of worship!

We realize visiting a church can be an intimidating experience – especially if you don’t know anyone there or are not quite sure what to anticipate. New City started with a desire to be a safe place for everyone to explore the good news of Jesus Christ, no matter where you might classify yourself spiritually. On Sundays at New City, you will have the opportunity to engage in conversation before or after the service, or you can come for the worship service and remain anonymous if this is your preference.

New City a collection of people of all ages and professions from a wide variety of spiritual and social backgrounds. We embrace Jesus’ claims to be true and transformational and the central message of the Bible to be the good news, or “gospel,” of a God who created us for himself and desires us to live fully as we enjoy relationship with him and each other. The Bible’s radical message of grace centers on Jesus and creates a new city comprised of renewed individuals living not for themselves but for the God who redeems. As the Senior Pastor at New City, it is my privilege to extend to you an invitation to come be part of the New City Church community and to be astonished, together with us, by the splendor and grace of God.

What motivates us to gather for worship on Sundays?

Sundays at New City are for gospel renewal and gospel celebration. All of this takes place in an atmosphere that we describe as having a “joyful gravitas,” reflecting the biblical teaching of the kind of worship God desires. Our worship is rooted (Incorporating liturgy from the ancient church into our worship), real (Our liturgy is weekly crafted by the pastors and music directors and contextualized to the uniqueness of our cultural context) and renewing (All week long we’re bombarded by lies and disappointments that cause us to run spiritually dry. Our gathered service of worship is a time of spiritual renewal as God encounters us through biblical preaching and encourages us through the sacrament of the Lord’s Supper.) 

Our gathered service of worship is designed to ignite in us a greater love for the one, true, living God. We naturally love our money, our pleasure, and ourselves more than God. Therefore, we gather for worship so that our God might progressively liberate us from our idolatries and therefore reign supreme in our lives . For this purpose, our Lord uses such heart-calibrating practices as: 

  • Singing to make the greatness of His love more vivid
  • Confessing how we have fallen in our efforts to loyally love our Lord
  • Hearing His Word read and proclaimed so that we know more fully His loving heart
  • Giving back to the Lord His resources as a tangible evidence of our love for Him
  • Heeding His commission to rescue other wandering, weak sheep like ourselves
  • Celebrating the work and promises of Jesus Christ in Communion

What should I expect if I visit on a Sunday?

The framework for New City’s service of worship is intended to serve as a spiritual conversation between God and us. The Scriptures (in the book of James) reminds us of what is supposed to happen when we gather for worship: “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.”  This dialogical framework permeates our services: God speaks to us, and we respond to Him. If you plan to join us, we invite you to prepare your heart to meet with the One who delights to be called your friend. John Owen (17th Century English Theologian) offers us this simple prayer to guide us: “Christ is our best friend now, and, before long, He will be our only friend . . . Therefore, I pray God with all my heart that I may be weary of everything else but conversation and communion with Him.” 

The New City worship services are joyful, yet reverent; according to Scripture and motivated by the good news of Jesus Christ; in line with liturgy from the ancient church, yet contextualized to the uniqueness of today’s culture. Our music is eclectic and employs a diversity of instruments. 

When and Where Do You Meet on Sundays?

Our worship service begins at 10:30am and is located at the Dondero Auditorium, 709 N. Washington Ave. in the heart of downtown Royal Oak, near the intersection of Eleven Mile Road and Washington Avenue. Click here to get directions to our morning worship service